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Religious – Habour Front Christian Community Church


The Thesis Project should fully reflect student’s own interests and passions, which have been developing over the past few years. Based on the research and preparation, each person will select a site and building that is suitable for realization of their chosen programme into a fully-developed Thesis project.
Imagine a new Toronto redeemed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ where God is exalted and worshiped! God’s people loving and blessing the city they live through their vocations and services.



The Fort York Neighborhood is a key piece of Toronto’s West Central Waterfront. The waterfront in this area has numerous regional destination attractions. The scale of the area is large, and the new neighborhoods are typically high in density and bounded by regional transportation corridors and arterial roads. The Fort York Neighborhood is within a short transit ride or 30-minute walking distance of the financial district, and is expected to experience a similar pattern of low private car use to that of other downtown neighborhoods.



HMCS York is a Canadian Force Naval Reserve Division located on Lakeshore Boulevard, Toronto. It serves as a training unit to 200 full-time naval personnel.