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UA Olympian City

Commercial – Design Proposal of UA Cinema


David S.K. Au & Associates Ltd. (Tammy Chow, Jane Wan, John Yim)


The Wharf Ltd.


As invited to bid for the UA Cinema at the Olympian City Mall, we provided the following design concept that is most suitable for the premises.The preliminary proposal includes the design development of:
_ Feature Wall
_ Entrance (including Box Office and Concession Counter)
_ Traditional cinema houses
_ The VIP Zone
_ Lavatories



Pixels, the design inspiration of this cinema, is the basic composition of an image and an abstract representation of the demographically diversified customers at Olympian City. The Olympian mall is frequently visited by neighboring residents, white collars, tourists and Polytechnic University students.
The aesthetically pixelated space appears in the form of protruding cubes, which make up the counters, furniture, floor, ceiling and the featured wall. In addition, large mirror installation contributes to an enhanced sense of volume and movement.


_ Participate in concept and design development
_ Prepare proposal visuals including 3D renderings and post processing imageries



A brand new layout to the UA Cinema is introduced. The visitors will first encounter a beautiful featured wall in reflective and colorful pieces as they travel through the escalator into the concierge. The space is then divided into two parts by the concierge: the Snack Counter and the Ticketing Office. The “Open Concept” design propagates a unique immersive experience with the shopping mall, café and cinema to gauge visitors.



Durable material such as mirror, homogeneous tiles, stainless steel and glass will be used. The floor and walls will be splattered with mixture of metal and tiled squares. The fixed yet playful pieces of furniture by the Pixel Lounge are formed in a cluster of box-shaped tables and chairs in different heights and colors. One would be ‘pixelated’ as he dazzled into the diced mirrored, adjacent wall. This design extends beyond decoration – a fusion of function and dynamic aesthetics.