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Dwelling, Privately and Publicly

ARH 619: Comprehensive Design Studio
Mixed Use Development – Dwelling, Entertainment and Service


Dwelling in the city is an broad and deep subject. It has been, and will continue to be, explored and criticized in many disciplines, not the least of which is architecture. The relationships of the individual, the community, the city are dynamic and varied. Similarly, the house, the apartment building, the neighborhood fabric are at once distinct and connected. Where are the boundaries between these entities, these scales? How are they independent and interdependent, and how can they be both?

As the city, San Francisco in particular, grows inward and more dense, space becomes a premium. This pushes inward against the outward-expanding autonomous home. As the dwelling shrinks in response to the demands of its context, it must rely on its context, its community.


A01 introduction

A02 Parti_Concept Diagram

A03 Program arrangement study

A05 Evaluation of study models

A06 Site Analysis

A07 Concept sketches + bike parking

A08 & A09

A10 Elevations

A11 Roof Plans

A16 Level 2 Plan

A19 Sections

A20 Wall Section with people

A21 Details

A22 Enlarged Partial Elevation

A24 Sustainability Diagram

A25 Sustainability Strategy

A26 Oblique Aerial Perspective copy

A27 Exterior Eye Level Perspective A28 Interior Perspective

A29 Oblique Aerial Perspective A30 Exterior Eye Level Perspective A31 Interior Perspective A32 Interior Perspective